Natural Absolute Temple Grade Incense

We’re currently in the process of setting up our India office – Check back soon as we’ll be restocking & getting all new fragrances in stock.

Temple grade is a term used for incense which meets such a high quality that it’s allowed for use in the ancient Hindu temples of India. Hand rolled traditionally with a higher amount and quality of oils, resins and other natural ingredients, making our incense rich and deep. It’s easy to see why this Indian incense is considered fit for the gods.

Our natural incense is completely organic and made only with the finest natural resins, pure essential oils and is even coloured with all natural dyes. Hand rolled by master artisans utilising traditional techniques honed and perfected throughout generations, we’re proud to be able to present the ultimate in organic temple grade incense. It’s the perfect incense for use in aromatherapy or as an aid in meditation and yoga.

All of our incense sticks weigh about a gram, with weight varying slightly depending on the amount of oil used in the production of the scent. The average 20g packet of absolute incense contains about 18 – 20 sticks and the average 50g packet contains between 45 and 50 sticks.

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