Eight Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Silver Pendant


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A lab tested authentic Nepali eight faced (mukhi) rudraksha silver pendant.

This rudraksha has eight faces (mukhi) which represents the remover of obstacles, Ganesha, and the eight mother goddesses, the Ashta-Matrikas. These rudrakshas are usually worn for the removal of obstacles in business, when travelling to ensure your safety and for the protection of the fierce mother goddesses.

Mantra – Sada Mangala Ganeshaya Namah

Weight – 1.42 Grams

Full Length – 1.7 cm

Rudraksha Length 1 cm

Lord Shiva was meditating on how to relieve the troubles of the world, while doing so warm tears of compassion fell from his eyes. These tears upon reaching the ground became the rudraksha trees. Since then, the devotees of lord Shiva have used these sacred beads for japa and meditation.

Rudraksha beads are considered powerful spiritual objects and have been used and sought after by many different cultures, from the zen Buddhist monks of Japan to the mystics of India. Considered sacred by the yogis, tantrics and mystics of Asia for thousands of years, rudraksha beads are classically used in yoga, tantra, meditation, traditional ayurvedic medicine and even feng shui.

Rudraksha beads show a variation in the number of faces or “mukhis” they have on their surface. These faces are separated by small natural grooves, with the number of faces determining the rarity, worth and properties of the rudraksha. The most common mukhi to be found is the five faced rudraksha. A five faced seed is symbolic of the five faces of Lord Shiva. The number of faces a rudraksha can posses vary between one and twenty-one, although in exceedingly rare circumstances, more faces can be formed.

Just as each rudraksha has a varying number of faces they’re also believed to have a variety of different properties. Each bead has a specific deity associated with and represented by the bead and thus has different uses, as well as mantras for their meditation and activation.

This rudraksha is supplied with the identification card proving its authenticity, as shown above.