Pearl Mala


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High quality freshwater pearl moti mala made traditionally with 108+1 beads and knotting in between each bead.

Pearls represent the moon and the moon represents te mind, thinking, feeling as well as motherhood in women. It’s representative of public interaction, the tides of the sea over which it rules and the liquids within our bodies, the moon is responsible for growth, fertility and memory.

Pearls have an extremely calming influence on the mind and increase feelings of love and compassion, the pearl may increase peace of mind and enable the practice of meditation with greater concentration. The pearl controls feelings of anxiety and calms the swadhisthana chakra.

Moti mala give the calming effects of the moon and should be used to chant Chandra or Devi mantras.

Recommended mantras ~ “Aum Shrim Somaya Namahah”

Bead size – 5mm
Length (excluding tassel) – 60cm

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